When things work out

After struggling with caterpillar tunnels, hoops, covers and clips I was ready to give up on the idea that I would ever be able to have a moveable protected space outside on my (sometimes windy) site.  I had trawled every gardening catalogue I thought existed but none offered a solution last year.  The clips on top of hoops promptly popped off on the first gusty night last autumn (with fleece covers put over to protect flowers from a storm just before a wedding).  Not only were the flowers not saved but the clips ripped the fleece as well!  Hoops slipped over on raised beds with a westerly wind and on and on the struggle went on. Nature was winning.

Then I turned to ebay again.  Ebay is great isn’t it?  I found “Garden Allotment pipe anchor Stainless Steel peg plates for raised beds & cloche“.  Well, what would you call them?  These worked like a dream on the wooden raised beds.  The pipe hoop fits over the top and is held in place with the pointy bit.  You gather the cover at the ends and secure and at the sides you use the hooks on the plate to secure the string/rope that you have lashed over the cover.  It is so simple to install and use.  You can push up the sides to ventilate or weed or push the whole cover off and back on again.  They are back on sale on ebay again – I have got my order in already.  Highly recommended – the seller even includes the screws needed to secure to the bed sides.

Don’t you just love it when there is an easy solution out there?




pipe plate in situ

pipe plate and cloche cover

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