Where have you been?

I have been orbitting round the blogsphere recently.  I find that if I don’t do regular updates it is very hard to blog again as you don’t know where to start, feel as if there isn’t anything interesting/witty/enough to put down, or excuses like I am too tired to think and so even more time goes by…  Oh I don’t know where to start!

How about this week’s frost?  First dry and frosty weather – absolutely freezing but very beautiful.  The full moon has been lighting up the frost at night and we have been looking at a sky full of stars.

The field was too wet to plough in the end this year so plan B came in.  The ‘yard’ now consists of 5 very long raised beds!  We got the wood (recycled scaffold boards) from Glasgow Wood Recycling and then shifted 20 tonnes of compost (from W.Tracey) into the beds over a few days in. I think that was about 200-300 barrowloads – to be honest we stopped counting!  Then approx 5000 bulbs went in – we stopped counting them too when the novelty wore off!


Is the pile going down?


Does that pile look any smaller yet?


Space for a few extra biennials – look at my straight rows!

This massive job was completed over a couple of fantastically sunny (and warm) weekends in September and October and already we have bulbs sprouting out of the ground.  I am hoping for beautiful blooms from late March onwards, tulips, narcissi, fritillaria and alliums amongst them.  Spring wedding are go!  Should be enough to supply to discerning florists looking for sustainable, pesticide free flowers grown in Scotland this spring.

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