What a week for flowers!

Well this week started with frost again (I knew I would jinx the weather with my last post) and me looking at the garden wondering if there would be any flowers at all in April.  Even the grass looks as if it hasn’t grown since last October.  Then I was talking to someone I have known for years who grows willow for baskets and rods but tells me she can harvest catkins too and lovely yellow and red/orange willow stems and could I use them?  Well, grown in Ayrshire, not treated or sprayed etc, seasonal, natural, sustainable – what more could I want?  We are just trying to get photos sorted out on the website and get delivery sorted but here is a quick snap.

When I mention what I am doing in such a limited space I get lots of offers of “you can come and have my garden”!  I was even offered half an acre of lawn (because it takes the owner 2 hours just to cut the space).  I would love to transport all these pockets (inside a walled garden of course) to my house, but alas this is not possible!  But this week an opportunity came up that I couldn’t refuse as it is just a stone’s throw away – yes it needs a little work but it is great as it is a blank canvas for me.  I will post a photo at the weekend. This is where I get sleepness nights designing layouts and planting schemes and just want to be sowing in the ground NOW.  It won’t have fancy decking or features but will be honest beds and productive (in flower terms) and by summer I hope it will be a great to look at and lovely to wonder through, never mind the armfuls of flowers I am anticipating from it – watch this space….

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