Winter Wedding

I said I wouldn’t do flowers in winter at the moment – but somehow I seem to be doing a wedding in January! It is for a friend so she is well versed on the reasons why I am not doing winter stuff – ah, but that is how she has managed to twist my arm.  I hope she is as relaxed about the plans now as she was in July when we arranged it!  Anyway, my job is to turn these bulbs into flowers for the 30th January.

The weather has not been helpful – these bulbs are now living in my house as even my porch is below freezing! I couldn’t wait to get rid of the Christmas Tree so the bulbs could come in as I anxiously charter their growth. How was my arm twisted?  Well, I don’t have enough winter foliage but the bride to be has a beautiful silver blue conifer in her garden along with other evergreens, and this will be the basis for the 10 table centres.

I love the idea of using greenery from the couple’s garden, I think it adds to the special day.  Below is a picture from the summer – I have had word that the tree has been so laden with snow that a branch has broken off!

rs-narcissi-2009 rs-tree-2009

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