Only four weeks ago I was sending out my last bouquet of the year, picked the day before the first really harsh frost of October, see below.  Now there has been frost around for days it seems and we are into winter season with a vengence.  I still have some pink and blue salvias in a place sheltered from the frost and wanted to include them in some winter items but they really look out of place mixed in with the winter foliage!

Well I said I wouldn’t do winter stuff as I haven’t the growing space – but guesss what?  Enterkine House near Ayr asked me to do the table centres for their Ladies Day this week and I thought I couldn’t refuse!  So I foraged other people’s gardens (with their permission ! Friends see me calling with secetaurs in hand and bolt their doors…).  I was pleased with my winter greenery and festive items but as all my fresh items were on the lunch tables I think people thought I was only selling dried flower items!  I am finding it difficult to get the message across that my flowers/foliage are grown in Scotland, are sustainably grown, mainly organic and are seasonal and are therefore different from most other places.  People often pass my stall and say “oh what lovely flowers”, but it is only when I point out the above that they actually realise that there is a difference to my produce.  Most people glancing past don’t realise.  Having a stall doesn’t seem to be a good place to sell flowers from!

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  1. Hi, just to say I loved your flowers at Enterkine House event! I bought some silver sprayed dried heads – lovely where I have put them. I have saved your site too My Favourites and I will most definitely be in touch when I need to buy flowers or arrangements. I live in Troon and as you will know there are quite a few florists here, but I just love the fact that you grow your own! With love, Sandra

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    Thanks Sandra, it was nice to meet you. The growing flowers myself is the hard part but it is so nice to make such individual bouquets for people!

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